Academician Isa Habibbeyli: “Afag Masud has a special role in the enrichment of Azerbaijani literature during the independence period”

On June 1, the Institute of Literature named after Nizami at Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) celebrated the 60th anniversary of Afag Masud, the writer, playwright, Honored Art Worker, full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Arts, director of the Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers.

AZERTAC reports that the vice-president of ANAS, director of the Institute of Literature, academician Isa Habibbeyli congratulated Afag Masud on her anniversary and shared his views on her personality and creativity. It was stressed that Afag Masud’s creativity has always been of interest to readers, and she is known as a writer who reflects unusualness and modernity in her works. At the same time, it was noted that Afag Masud, who deeply reflects our present day in her work, is considered a classic writer by the younger generation.

I. Habibbeyli stressed that Afag Masud plays a special role in the enrichment of Azerbaijani literature during the period of independence. The lyricism of her prose, the originality of the writer’s works determine her image in literature. He spoke about Afag Masud’s translation activities, as well as her exceptional contribution to the development of Azerbaijani literature and science. It was noted that Afag Masud is one of the brightest figures of the national modernist literature.

The event also featured the monograph of academician Nizami Jafarov “Afag Masud’s World". The book consists of three parts: “The World of Afag Masud’s Short Stories” , “The World of Afag Masud’s Novels” and “The World of Afag Masud’s Dramaturgy.” The monograph masterfully captures Afag Masud’s individuality in modern artistic thought, and the artistic merit created by her personal qualities.

I. Habibbeyli informed the participants of the event about the monograph by N. Jafarov, who has universal academic thinking, which reflects important pages in the life and creativity of  the writer who tried her pen in various literary genres.

Then,  speeches on various topics were made such as Tehran Alishanoglu, corresponding member of ANAS, on “Afag Masud’s  Role in the Development of National Modernist Literature”, Nargiz Jabbarly, Doctor of Philosophy, on “The Place of the Monograph by Nizami Jafarov in Critical Comprehension  of Afaq Masud’s Creativity”, Elnara Garagozova, Doctor of Philosophy, on “The Story of Afag Masud and Literary Criticism.”

In conclusion, academician I. Habibbeyli presented the writer, who has proven herself from the best side in the world literary community, with the latest editions of the Institute of Literature named after Nizami.